Ways to Stop Teeth Grinding

When it comes to grinding teeth, it can feel hopeless at fixing the issue. This is because grinding teeth is more commonly done as a habit or subconscious action. In other words, it’s not common for people to grind their teeth purposefully. This can make it a difficult problem to solve or overcome. However, there are a few ways to remedy the grinding of teeth and alleviate any of the damage or pain that comes with it.

Learn to Relax

One of the most common causes behind grinding teeth is stress. This will cause you to tense your jaw and grind your teeth during the day and while you’re sleeping. It will happen more during your sleep than during the day. Either way, being tense has a plethora of health concerns coupled with it. One of these is grinding your teeth. This can cause a sore jaw, cracked teeth, misshapen teeth, TMJ, and more. Removing some stress from your life can help tremendously. Some patients will remove certain people or work habits from their routine while others turn to yoga or meditation to bring relief. Whatever you choose, be sure it helps enough that teeth grinding is no longer an issue.

Mouth Guard

A mouthguard is meant to be worn at night during sleep. This will help keep your teeth protected from each other as well as protect the rest of your mouth. Many times, a mouth guard will help with snoring as well. These can be found over the counter or through a dental professional. It is suggested that you seek out a dental professional for the perfect mouth guard as theirs will be a custom fit guard, tailored perfectly to you, your mouth, and your specific circumstances.

Go See a Dentist

Sometimes, there can be other underlying causes for teeth grinding. For example, if you have a bad tooth and don’t know it, this could cause you to grind your teeth. Seeing a dental professional will allow them to examine your oral health and determine the root cause of the grinding. This means that you won’t have to punt and hope you’re helping the underlying cause, you’ll know for sure and get the professional guidance needed to stop it for good. The confidence this brings in solving the problem is worth every penny and bit of effort.

Stay Away From Caffeine

It has been said that coffee can make the problem of grinding teeth worse. This goes for alcohol as well. This is because both can make a person tense or anxious – even excitable. For many, this means the underlying cause will be exacerbated, indirectly causing the grinding to become worse.

When it comes down to it, going in for a dental checkup is always suggested. Grinding teeth can indicate more than one problem and rarely, if ever, stands alone as a problem all its own. For this reason, it’s a good idea to verify the underlying cause to treat that specifically which should fix the grinding as well.