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In some cases of tooth decay or damage, a filling is not enough. A crown or a bridge may be needed to restore the tooth’s look and functions.  Even more important to  keep you from having to get an extraction, which is the last thing we at Gentle Family Dentistry want.

Dental Crowns

Placing a traditional crown takes two visits. At the first, we remove the decay, prepares the tooth and fits a temporary resin crown over it. Models of your teeth are sent to a dental lab where they fabricate an exact copy of the top of your tooth – its crown. At your second appointment, we cement the permanent restoration to your prepared tooth, adjusting as needed so the bite is just right.

Dental crowns look beautiful and natural and help restore function and overall oral health. Most of our crowns are metal-free, biocompatible ceramic – a very strong, long-lasting material.


A missing molar may not cause significant problems, but when other teeth are lost due to decay, accident, or injury, they need to be replaced. Otherwise, surrounding teeth will shift out of place and weaken over time.

Implants are one option for replacing missing teeth. Bridges are the other.

Like traditional crowns, bridges require two visits. At the first, we prepare the teeth on either side of the gap, which will anchor the bridge. A model of your teeth is then sent to the lab where the bridge will be made.

A fixed bridge – the more stable option – will then be cemented at the second visit. If you are getting a removable bridge – great for easy cleaning – we will place it and adjust the bite as needed for a perfectly comfortable fit.

Fixed bridges are all biocompatible ceramic, while removable bridges will have bits of metal, as well, or a flexible material to attach the bridge to the abutment teeth.

Either option provides a restored smile that looks completely natural.

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