Vegan affects teethHow Being Vegan Affects Your Teeth

A vegan lifestyle is well-known for its health benefits and has become popular in the past few years. However, there are a few health implications that must be considered when choosing such a strict and limited lifestyle. One of these issues is the lack of nutrients. As long as this knowledge is taken into consideration and counteracted, there are fewer issues to worry about.


Weaker Bones and Teeth

A vegan diet lacks certain nutrients that are vital to a person’s health. These nutrients can cause your bones and teeth to become weaker. This, in turn, can cause easy breaks, more infections, inflammation, etc. The vegan diet can cause the salivary flow to be lessened and pH levels to be more acidic. This is what causes the weakening of teeth and bones.


Oral Health Implications

The latter information points to the fact that a vegan diet, if not approached correctly, can cause major oral health issues. For example, higher acidic levels can cause the enamel to be worn away on teeth leading to sensitive teeth, decay, gum disease, etc. All of these can lead to even worse oral health issues if they go untreated. If an infection reaches the bones of the face or the pulp of the tooth, it might be necessary for a root canal, tooth removal, periodontal treatments, etc.


Eating Food in Moderation

Just with anything, eating certain foods in excess can be harmful, even healthier foods. For example, eating too many fruits can cause a higher level of decay and cavities. However, if eaten in moderation, fruits can actually help oral health. Therefore, it’s important as a vegan to not get stuck on just one or two foods but, to branch out and get the various vital nutrients through various means.


Calcium Is Vital

One crucial nutrient that should be purposely included as much as possible in a vegan’s diet is calcium. Calcium is gained, in large, by dairy products. However, since vegans don’t consume dairy products, it can be hard for them to ingest enough calcium to reach necessary levels. Calcium is a very important nutrient when it comes to keeping teeth strong and healthy.

Overall, a vegan diet isn’t a bad thing and definitely has more perks than negatives when it comes to being healthy. In fact, they say that a vegan lifestyle is not only good for you all the way around but, for your mental health and the environment as well. Therefore, it’s a wonderful choice to go vegan and to follow this lifestyle however, it’s important to be aware of the needs and limitations it can bring. If these are counteracted and made up for, there really should be no issues, orally. As always, be sure to check in with your dentist to ensure you’re on track for a healthy smile.