As parents, it can be so difficult when the time finally comes around for kids to go off to college. However, it’s also a happy time because they’re growing up and utilizing all that their parents have taught them through the years. Most parents will want to help their child as much as possible when it comes to this transition. This will include so many things; it will even include assistance with dental care. As a parent, if you want to continue to offer your child support with their oral health, even if they’re leaving the nest, here are a few things you can do.

Keep Them on Your Dental Plan

If you have a dental plan, odds are, your child is on it. Many dental plans leave room for a child to make it through college before they will be removed from a plan. This means you don’t have to remove your child from your dental package until the cutoff age. College students struggle with funds as it is, kicking them off of a dental plan will only ensure they won’t be able to afford the proper dental care they need.

Send Them Off With a Care Package

A lot of college students fall down on proper hygiene mainly because they don’t have the money to maintain the cost of the items needed to do so. A care package including everything they need for their dental hygiene (and other hygiene needs) is a great way to support them as they head out on their own.

Teach Them How To Make a Dental Appointment

Surprisingly enough, children are so used to their parents setting appointments and reminding them to go that they have no clue how it all works. Be sure your child has the knowledge of who their dentist is, how to contact them, and how to set an appointment. You may offer to help them through the process once they’re out of the house to ensure they have the hang of it.

Check-In On Them

When kids get out on their own, it can be overwhelming because there’s a lot to remember and keep in order. Many kids may scoff at this at first, but once it starts to really weigh on them, they’ll be happy you checked in. Don’t nag them, but go through a basic checklist with them on things they might want to remember especially dental checkups. Remind them of their importance and offer help where it may be needed. Yes, children need to learn to handle it on their own, but guidance along the way is never a bad thing.

There are so many things new college students will need to handle and remember. Be sure your child maintains a healthy and beautiful smile throughout their college career by supporting them in their dental needs, even when they’re not at home.