You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

Getting wisdom teeth out can be a dreaded ordeal. However, sometimes it’s important that this procedure isn’t put off because other issues arise from it. It can be tempting to just ignore and never get our wisdom teeth out, which some can get away with. However, if you’ve never had your wisdom teeth removed, here are three signs telling you it’s time to bite the bullet.


If you’re having consistent pain in your jaw or near the back of your mouth, odds are, this could be caused by your wisdom teeth. Of course, other issues could be causing this pain to occur. This is why it’s important that if any pain arises, especially persistent pain, that you schedule an appointment to see your dental professional right away. They will do a thorough examination to find the root of the pain and give you the options available for remedying the issue.

Sinus Issues

Many people don’t know how much their dental health can leach into other areas of their body. However, it’s common for dental health to lead to other issues within the body. This includes sinus problems. Wisdom teeth sit very close, or even in, your sinus cavities. This means that if issues start to arise with your wisdom teeth, you could begin seeing sinus problems. These sinus issues can include congestion, sinus pressure, sinus pain, etc. If you don’t like feeling like you have a cold or a sinus infection all the time, it might be time to get those wisdom teeth removed.

Crooked Teeth

Wisdom teeth can completely change the alignment of your teeth when they come into place. Crooked teeth or even the movement in teeth can cause a plethora of other issues. Some of these issues involve, changing the alignment of your bite, misaligning the jaw, cavities, decay, pain, etc. The list gets pretty long once this issue starts to occur. Often times, if caught early enough, wisdom teeth won’t cause this mess. However, if left too long, wisdom teeth can become a real menace.

We’ve only listed three examples above of signs that may alert you to problems with your wisdom teeth. However, there are a plethora more not listed here that could arise from your wisdom teeth. Some of those not listed are sore gums, swollen gums, bleeding gums, stiffness, and more.

It’s important to point out that not all patients will have issues with their wisdom teeth. Some patients can live their entire life and never have one dental health issue when it comes to their wisdom teeth. However, more times than not, wisdom teeth will cause issues somewhere down the line and often need to be removed. If you have any of these issues popping up, make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible.